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London Inventories - Information on Energy Assessment and Performance Certification for your home or office today

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Following the European Union directive on Energy Performance of Buildings, and applies to all properties for sales or lettings in the United Kingdom.  Our energy assessment and performance certification services will conduct a thorough check of your property to determine its energy efficiency.  This check will be authorized by a comprehensive report, and your property will be assigned a letter grade based on its energy efficiency, following the exact specifications of the directive.

The efficiency grade assigned to your home (A-G with A properties representing the most energy efficient residences) will help to determine the cost of fuel bills and the impact of the property on the environment, including waste energy and CO2 emissions.

If you would like more information on our EPC services, a schedule of prices for energy performance assessment and certification, or to book your EPC appointment today, please contact one of our office support staff on 020 3348 9169 or send us an email at .