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London Inventories – Setting the industry standard for property inventory specifications

Inventory checks and reports from London Inventories seek to establish key features of the property to be referenced throughout the home letting process.  These include:

  • Establishing and recording the correct layout and dimensions of the structure or home in question.  This may require exact measurements or the incorporation of blueprints or building plans into the initial inventory check-in report.
  • Establishing and recording, in written and photographic evidence, the exact contents of the property and the value of those contents if applicable.  This includes appliances, furniture, fixtures, fittings and other objects.  Formal appraisal of these contents can be carried out upon request.
  • Establishing fair wear and tear.  An independent inventory clerk, like those provided by London Inventories, is integral in preventing and settling landlord-tenant or agent-tenant disputes in an unbiased and equitable manner, with proper consideration of past inventory documentation.