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Welcome to NW9 Edgware Road London Inventories - Find information about our Inventory Reports and reporting methods and procedures.

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Inventory reports in the form of check-in, check-out and interim tenancy documentation are the principle service offered by NW9 Edgware Road London Inventories. These inventory reports are carried out by independent inventory clerks working throughout London and the Southeast of England, all of whom are extensively trained and AIIC certified.

Our inventory reports consist of photographs and written documentation of the current state of your property and all attending furniture, fittings, fixtures and other contents.  An inventory report serves as an unbiased, independently compiled document testifying to the state of a property at the time of the report; whether at check-in (commencement of a new tenancy agreement), check-out (termination of a tenancy agreement), or interim (during a current tenancy agreement). This is agreed upon by and made available to all parties to a tenancy, lease or freehold agreement.

The purpose of an inventory report is to prevent any disagreement or discrepancy about the state of a property at various stages of tenancy or occupation, and it represents the authoritative record of any private property inventory, landlord property inventory, or tenant property inventory. In this way, a properly executed home inventory check and the accompanying property inventory report offers legal documentation, agreement and protection for all parties involved.

If you require any further information about our NW9 Edgware Road property inventory reports, a schedule of report prices and procedures, or if you would like to book an appointment for your inventory check and report, please contact one of our NW9 Edgware Road office support staff on 020 3026 6115 or send us an email at .

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