Check Out Reports by Inventories London

Check Out Reports LondonOnce our clerks in London take care of the inventory report for your property, as well as the check in report when tenants move in, the next step is to proceed with the check out report. The clerk will again inspect your property thoroughly in order to understand if everything fits to the standards set in the check in report. An essential point of the end of lease procedure is the comparison between the check in and the check out report. Given that there are any misuses or damages determined during the end of tenancy inspection, the landlord can charge additional costs or deduct them from the tenancy deposit.

Thanks to the check out report, lots of disputes can be avoided and the interests of both parties can be protected. Both landlords and tenants have to sign a declaration, which states that everything in the property is fine and the tenancy deposit can be released.

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The inventory clerk was very professional, friendly and polite. He really knows what he is doing as he worked hastefully and did a really good, well-detailed report. Exactly what Ineeded. Thank you for the recommendations for the scratched floor too.Elliot Nicholls

A good thing that I hired an independent company. The report sent is very thorough, there are recommendations for areas that are wrong and most importantly the price is reasonable and the report arrived pretty quickly compared to other companies I have used.Kate Griffiths

Amazingly quick service! The reports arrived exactly when promised, and I really needed those real quick. This company understood the situation and reacted accordingly, saving me a lot of trouble. Thank you once again, it was amazing!Mason Lewis

All reports were verynicely done and professional. Exactly what was needed in the case, job well done, I have already recommended you!William Rees

A job well done, saved me quite some money, time and troubles. I guess I will usethem again if needed, of course.Aaliyah Morgan