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Home Inventory LondonA home inventory conducted by Inventories London provides extensive photographic and written documentation of your property. It ensures security and legal protection in lettings, lease and freehold agreements and contracts.

The home inventory contains information about all items in the property and you can access this database at any time. It can be useful not only when you rent out a house or apartment, but if something unpredictable happens, such as theft, fire or natural disaster. You will have a full record of your belongings and you will be able to keep track of all of them.

Our home inventories and accompanying inventory reports London are carried out by professionally trained and AIIC certified household inventory clerks. The inventory services provided by our company represent the highest industry standard of quality and prices, that provide great value for money.

Our inventory clerks are situated throughout London and the South-East of England, and they work seven days a week. If you need a home inventory check, whether a check-in report, check-out report or interim report, please get in contact with our office support staff or send us an email at to make your booking appointment.

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The inventory clerk was very professional, friendly and polite. He really knows what he is doing as he worked hastefully and did a really good, well-detailed report. Exactly what Ineeded. Thank you for the recommendations for the scratched floor too.Elliot Nicholls

A good thing that I hired an independent company. The report sent is very thorough, there are recommendations for areas that are wrong and most importantly the price is reasonable and the report arrived pretty quickly compared to other companies I have used.Kate Griffiths

Amazingly quick service! The reports arrived exactly when promised, and I really needed those real quick. This company understood the situation and reacted accordingly, saving me a lot of trouble. Thank you once again, it was amazing!Mason Lewis

All reports were verynicely done and professional. Exactly what was needed in the case, job well done, I have already recommended you!William Rees

A job well done, saved me quite some money, time and troubles. I guess I will usethem again if needed, of course.Aaliyah Morgan