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What is an Inventory?

Why is an inventory important?

Why should I use an independent inventory clerk?

How often would I need to have an Inventory conducted?

Do I still need an inventory if the property is unfurnished?

Where on my premises requires an Inventory?

Why use us?

What is an Inventory?

A property inventory is a detailed record of the exact condition of a property or premises at a specific time, usually the start of end of a rental agreement. The inventory will contain information relating to the state of all areas of the property, including fixtures, fittings, structural features, paintwork, as well as any furniture included in the agreement. The best property inventories should include both written and photographic evidence of the condition of a property

Why is an inventory important?

An inventory provides the information needed to form an unbiased and impartial record of the state of a property before a rental agreement commences. This is most important in the event of a dispute, as the information can be called upon by either party to demonstrate the original condition of any area or item within the property.

In April 2007, a section on Tenancy Deposit Protection was added to the Rental Act. This section means that your landlord must now place your deposit money within one of the agreed Tenancy Deposit Schemes. In order to get your money returned to you, you will now need a detailed inventory to prove the condition of the property. This is law for all Assured Shorthold Tenancies in England and Wales where a deposit has been paid.

You can find you more about this by reading the government's guide to deposit protection at overview or find further information at

Why should I use an independent inventory clerk?

In the unfortunate event of a dispute between tenant and landlord regarding the amount of deposit that should be reimbursed, an independent inventory is of immense value. Whether you're looking to safeguard your investment as a landlord, or to protect your deposit money as a tenant, a clear statement of the condition of the property is vital.

By having your inventory conducted by a neutral third party, you allow the legal body adjudicating in the dispute to have access to the clearest information possible. By giving the body precise check-in and check-out reports a decision can be reached quickly. This means that all parties involved will be treated fairly.

How often would I need to have an Inventory conducted?

As an absolute minimum, you should have an inventory check conducted by a professional clerk before you move in to a property and on the day you move out. This will provide a clear baseline and final picture of the condition of the house or premises.

Interim checks are also recommended if you're intending to renew your leasing agreement, or change any of the details involved.

Do I still need an inventory if the property is unfurnished?

The simple answer is yes. As well as providing an accurate description of the condition of any furniture that's included as part of a rental agreement, an inventory includes information relating to the condition of the entire property. This is vital when it comes to protecting your asset as a landlord, and in safeguarding your desposit money as a tenant.

Where on my premises requires an Inventory?

All habitable areas within the property will need to be assessed by a professional clerk.

  • Habitable, compulsory, areas will include:
  • Your living room and lounge
  • The kitchen
  • The dining room or breakfast room
  • All bedrooms
  • All bathrooms and en-suites
  • Your conservatory, if you have one
  • The utility room
  • Any loft or attic rooms
  • Hallways and entrance halls
  • The front and back porch
  • Non-compulsory areas include:
  • The loft and any attic space
  • Any balconies the property might have
  • A cellar, if you have one
  • Your garage
  • Any sheds or outbuildings

Why use us?

We're one of the leading property inventory companies in the local area, with over ten years of experience providing precise and detailed inventories to landlords, tenants, agencies and private vendors. All of our specialist clerks have been assessed by the AIIC - the Association of Independent Inventory Clerks or by the APIP - Association of Property Inventory Providers - so you can be sure that the reports that you will receive will be of the highest professional standard.

All of our reports include both written and photographic evidence pertaining to the condition of the property, including all fixtures, fittings, and any furniture and white goods that are included as part of the leasing agreement. We operate a system of multiple redundancy in our record keeping too, so you'll always be able to rely on us for another copy of the report if you need one.

You can book us at short notice if needed, and we offer a wide array of convenient appointment times. These include early morning, late evening and Saturday booking slots, all of which are available at no extra charge to you.

We can help with a select range of other tasks too, including the procurement of Energy Performance Certificates, Gas Safety Certificates, and much more. No matter what help you need in arranging the safe and legal leasing of property, we're ideally placed to help you. Our services have been securely protecting tenants, landlords, agencies and vendors for over a decade, and we offer a number of discrete inventory options, incorporating check-in reports, check-out reports, interim reports, and combined reports.

All of our services represent outstanding value for money, and we even offer multiple-service special deals which allow you to increase this value still further. Check out our prices page to see our affordable basic rates, or contact us now for further details.

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What Questions Should I Ask?

What Questions Should I Ask About My Inventory?

Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page if you have any basic questions about what an inventory is and what ordering a professional property inventory report will do for you.

  • As well as asking us some questions, there are some questions that you should be asking yourself about your property and your requirements. They'll help you figure out exactly what you need from us if you're a:
  • Landlord
  • Tenant
  • Agency
  • Private Vendor

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The inventory clerk was very professional, friendly and polite. He really knows what he is doing as he worked hastefully and did a really good, well-detailed report. Exactly what Ineeded. Thank you for the recommendations for the scratched floor too.Elliot Nicholls

A good thing that I hired an independent company. The report sent is very thorough, there are recommendations for areas that are wrong and most importantly the price is reasonable and the report arrived pretty quickly compared to other companies I have used.Kate Griffiths

Amazingly quick service! The reports arrived exactly when promised, and I really needed those real quick. This company understood the situation and reacted accordingly, saving me a lot of trouble. Thank you once again, it was amazing!Mason Lewis

All reports were verynicely done and professional. Exactly what was needed in the case, job well done, I have already recommended you!William Rees

A job well done, saved me quite some money, time and troubles. I guess I will usethem again if needed, of course.Aaliyah Morgan